Wallace Detroit Guitars are so beautiful they could be displayed as art. But they are built for players.

The reclaimed wood, usually over 100 years old, gives the guitars a vintage sound only available in older instruments.  And the thoughtful combination of neck, pickups, and electronics provide a wide range of tone with great sustain.

All guitars are shipped in a hardshell leather case.


Wallace Detroit Guitar bodies are built entirely from ethically reclaimed wood taken from abandoned buildings in Detroit.  The guitar bodies are cut on a CNC router and finished by hand.  Each body is completely unique in its color and laminate pattern.  Wherever possible, historic stains, nail holes and scars are left in the wood to showcase its history.

The guitars are hand finished with nitrocellulose lacquer.


The Wallace Detroit Guitar logo on the headstock is burned into the wood with a branding iron.


Each neck is built with maple sourced from Michigan forests.  Hand-cut bone nut fingerboards come standard, with rosewood and maple fingerboards available, including optional abalone dots.


Wallace Detroit Guitars use individually hand-scatter-wound pickups to capture a signature vintage tone, offering a balance of crisp highs, defined mids and a warm, balanced low end.


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