Review: Wallace Guitars Michigan Avenue
Anyone can feel the energy and tough-hewn musicality of the Motor City when they play the Wallace Guitars Michigan Avenue guitar.

In the music-gear business—and especially as I write this on the eve of the Winter NAMM Show—players are almost assaulted with an unending parade of new guitars manufactured and marketed by large corporations, boutique builders, and specialty companies. Who buys all of these ka-trillions of guitars produced every year? It’s unfathomable to me. And if you’re a builder, getting your instrument to stand out amongst the barrage of news, reviews, YouTube demos, user groups, and advertising sometimes requires a shtick—superhero images, onboard effects, smartphone integration, and whatever else can capture the attention of the consumer.

When Mark Wallace started his guitar company in 2014, however, he choose his “unique marketing position” to celebrate the history of Detroit by sourcing reclaimed, old-growth wood from the city’s abandoned buildings—and with all endeavors supporting the larger mission of Hitsville USA’s ongoing comeback. Currently, Wallace offers models built with woods obtained from Michigan Avenue (site of Detroit’s infamous 1967 riots), Cadillac Stamping Plant, Detroit Fire Department Headquarters, and other historic locales.

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